Sunday, October 5, 2008

Most Of A Louis Jordan Album

Saturday Night Fish Fry

Saturday Night Fish Fry

I can’t say all that much about Louis Jordan; he was a rock and roller basically before there was such a thing – he made these recordings in the late 40s. It’s said that he was a major influence on Bill Haley, and I can’t think of a reason not to believe that.

This was a rare best of collection called Saturday Night Fish Fry, and I say it’s rare because I’ve never seen another copy of it, not in real life, not online, on eBay or anywhere. I found this copy at the Centennial Library, and this isn’t even the whole thing. I lopped of a few tracks and kept what I had room for; this was a space filler.

That was back at the beginning of 1991; imagine, we had 4 kids then, the youngest of whom was only about a month and a half old, and I was working then at the office of R & P where I’d been since spring ’88 and where I would stay until the following September. I had taken over the driving duties then, because Mom was home with the baby, that’s something I remember, it’s nothing to do with Louis Jordan.

He was cut-up Jordan, if you’re so smart how come you ain’t rich he sings. And then there’s barnyard boogie:

Oink oink
Moo moo

B B King covered “Caledonia,” and The Ames Brothers did “Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby” but they don’t quite have the same finesse.

Louis Jordan & The Tympany Five:

  • Caledonia

  • Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby

  • Hog Wash

  • If You're So Smart How Come You Ain't Rich

  • Barnyard Boogie

  • House Party

  • Tamborita

  • Open The Door Richard

  • Saturday Night Fish Fry

  • Choo Choo Ch' Boogie

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