Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dante & The Evergreens

Dante & The Evergreens Wikipedia, more unhelpful than usual, suggests that the Dante of Dante & The Evergreens (real name Donald Drowty) went on post-group to a successful award-winning songwriting career, but it fails to enlighten us further. What songs did he write? He doesn’t even have his own write-up. Google isn’t even helping me on this. So I can’t help you.

The group lost out in the Alley-Oop sweepstakes to The Hollywood Argyles, and besides Alley-Oop, they had one more hit on the top 100 called Time Machine, presumably not the Grand Funk song.

Dante & The Evergreens:

Alley Oop – Hero worship of the strangest kind. Alley-Oop was the name of a newspaper comic strip, before my time thank you very much, about a cave man. I’m not sure why Alley-oop got the honour, as opposed to, say, Mr. Abernathy or Scamp or Mary Worth. Maybe it was the monster killing thing. This is normally what one would call a novelty record, and while it’s usually the competing version by The Hollywood Argyles that ended up on the loony-tune albums, this record ends up in the same stylistic place. It was The Argyles who hit number one with this, the Evergreens’ version stalled at number 15, if you can call reaching number 15 on national top 100 “stalling.” From the summer of 1960.

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