Saturday, March 26, 2011

André Kostelanetz

André KostelanetzI was sitting at work innocently listening to a collection of tracks by The Tornadoes, when Tim The Enchanter, who is our sysadmin, made a comment.. “That’s elevator music, man,” he said.

Tim The Enchanter knows how to fix a server, but he doesn’t know squat about elevators.

Now André Kostelanetz, that’s elevator music….

Kostelanetz, he never had an actual hit, so I don’t know what business he had having a Greatest Hits album but have one he did…

André Kostelanetz:

Bluesette – I don’t have any other versions of this, though apparently Ray Charles did it.
The Shadow Of Your Smile – A 60s lounge favourite.
Lara’s Theme – aka Somewhere My Love, from Dr. Zhivago, a hit for The Ray Conniff Singers in 1966.
Everybody Loves A Lover – A hit for Doris Day et al
Night Of The Trumpets
Calito Lindo – I think this is Mexican. Frito’s used this ages ago in an ad – Aye aye aye aye, I am the Frito bandito… they got a lot of heat for it.
The Blue Danube Waltz – A truncated version of the Strauss waltz
The Grand Canyon Suite – a truncated version of Ferd Grofé’s American classic
Fools Rush In – The Tin Pan Alley standard. Rick Nelson did this; so did Brook Benton.


Life Student said...

Title should have been, "Other People's Greatest Hits."

Anonymous said...

Kostelanetz is one of the pioneers of easy listening music.
he actually started making music before there was a genre called "easy listening"
He made numerous recordings which had sales of over 50 million
and this album is only a sample, so yes he did have hits

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