Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Benny Hill

This is funny. It makes me laugh. It’s unusual that comedy this old still makes me laugh. But Benny Hill had a lot of fun with nothing less than the experience of being human, and that doesn’t change all that much.

This in English – that dry British humour – and it predates Monty Python by about a decade, though Benny Hill followed Monty Python’s popularity to North American TV. He is here because he had a few records actually make the UK top 20. I don’t remember where I got this, but it’s called Golden Hour Of Benny Hill

Benny Hill:

The Harvest Of Love – From the summer of 1963.
Gypsy Rock
Piccolo Song
Pepy’s Diary – From the winter of 1961
Transistor Radio
Lonely Boy - Not the Paul Anka song.
Bamba 3688
Gather In The Mushrooms – The flip side of Pepy’s Diary, also made the top 20.
Moving On Again
The Andalusian Gypsies
The Egg Marketing Board Tango
The Old Fiddler
Golden Days
Flying South
My Garden Of Love
I’ll Never Know
Wild Women
Jose’s Cantina
Those Days
What A World

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Anonymous said...

Had this album and came close to wearing it out. Still know "Gather in the Mushrooms" by heart. Thanks for the memories...we forget how many small, re-re-re-pressing labels were once out there, and how they were often the only way recordings of European artists made it to North America.

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