Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys

The Father Of Bluegrass Music

The Father Of Blue Grass Music (c. 1962)

I used to hunt around Value Village for LPs. That was mostly back in Winnipeg, and it was mostly after all the second hand LP shops closed up.

It was, or course, a crap shoot. They charged $1.00 per LP, and there were times when I could easily drop $20, but mostly it was just old copies of Grease and stuff.

There was a location that was about a five minute drive from home, and later, when I was driving around the city to make a few bucks, I’d stop in at other locations, the West End, Transcona, etc.

I picked up Skeeter Davis, Bread, Robert Goulet, Patty Page, Bill Monroe. That’s why I’m here now, to talk about Bill Monroe.

Well I picked up an old RCA Camden LP, called The Father Of Bluegrass Music, released back when back catalogues didn’t seem to have a lot of value, so record companies would relegate the material to budget labels, and release it at a budget price, and you’d see these LPs in supermarkets and the like. The recordings were made in the early 40s on a series of 78s, and this collection was released on a budget label in 1962.

And I love it, the LP I mean, it swings. “Orange Blossom Special” is here. So is “Mule Skinner Blues.” And I love the fact that this album by a primary exponent of hillbilly music starts off with a 12 bar blues…

Remember, this guy *invented* bluesgrass, invented it. Nobody “invented” rock and roll, or jazz, or blues, but Monroe invented bluegrass. Amazing.

Bill Monroe
And His Bluegrass Boys:

  • Six White Horses

  • Dog House Blues

  • Tennessee Blues

  • No Letter In The Mail

  • Blue Yodel Number 7

  • Orange Blossom Special

  • Mule Skinner Blues

  • Katy Hill

  • I Wonder If You Feel The Way I Do

  • Honky Tonk Swing

  • In The Pines

  • Back Up And Push

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