Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones

Who was Joe Bennett? Who were The Sparkletones?

Well we know that they had 2 chart singles in 1957. We know that they recorded for ABC Paramount. We know that both of their hits were about articles of clothing. And we know all that before even looking at Wikipedia.

After looking them up, we know that they were from South Carolina, that they were in their teens when they debuted, and that The Sparkletones were Wayne Arthur, Howard “Spanky” Childress, and Jimmy “Sticks” Denton.”

Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones:

Black Slacks – A tribute to a pair of trousers. Songs about clothes: Blue Suede Shoes, A White Sport Coat And A Pink Carnation, Pink Shoe Laces. In this case it wasn’t the item, it was the cut. Stylistically the song is a deliberate throwback, with its references to being a “cool daddy-o” it already sounded old in the fall of 1957. And the YouTube video is appropriately perverse; they are all wearing white slacks.

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