Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Shepherd Sisters

The Shepherd Sisters have their own website, and it is tastefully done, with a decent discography, but not much in the way of dates. Wikipedia doesn’t help in that regard. So I don’t know how old they were when they hit the big time in 1957, but I’m guessing that they were younger than all those other sister groups who’d taken up singing rock and roll songs a few years earlier (McGuire Sisters, Fontane Sisters etc.) Anyway, the Shepherd Sisters were better at it (it helps I guess that they eschewed R & B covers), and seemed to have more in common musically with the groups that were to come (Shirelles, Chatays etc).

They only ever had one hit, so I guess I’ve got the whole collection…

The Shepherd Sisters:

Alone – Alone was the last track on Story, a classier than average non chronological greatest hits collection by The Four Seasons that I picked up at A & A Records in St. Vital Shopping Centre around 1980. I’d never heard the song before, though it had been a hit for the Seasons in 1964. It was a perfect album closer. I didn’t hear the original till quite a bit later, when I found the single at one of my habitual record hangouts (Pyramid? Argys?). And what strikes me is how similar the two versions are, and yet how each one perfectly captures the personality of the group performing it. And the original is a delightful record. A hit for the sisters in the fall of 1957.

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