Monday, October 19, 2009

The Crescendos

The Crescendos did not last long. The got together in 1957, and by 1959 they were history. That was enough time to put one song on the top 10. I found that one song on the single.

The Crescendos:

Oh Julie – There is a faraway feel to this, this song of unrequited love, ethereal female vocals in the background. Like Paul Anka’s Diana, Julie is older than the narrator. A teenage dream, he says, that can’t come true. Yes, indeed. One Julie I knew was a social worker whose brain was missing, one Julie I knew was a well-meaning but inexperienced therapist. And one Julie I knew had green eyes, short dark hair, a beautiful smile, her heart on her sleeve, and walls around her 3 feet thick. This song was a hit in the winter of 1958.

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