Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dodie Stevens

Dodie Stevens Her real name was Geraldine, and she recorded as Geraldine Stevens also. As Dodie, she had 5 top 100 singles, none of which made it higher than number 60, except for Pink Shoelaces, which reached number 3. She was 13 when she recorded it.

Dodie Stevens:

Pink Shoelaces – Rock and roll has always been about style, from Elvis’ sideburns to the Beatles’ “mop tops” to Alice Cooper’s mascara to Cobain’s lumberjack look to blings. The guys who make the records, they sound cool and look cool. The rest of us mortals, the best we can hope for is to look cool. Carl Perkins got in on the ground floor when he wrote Blue Suede Shoes; the song was tongue-in-cheek, but the message was anything but funny. And whoever it was that wrote Pink Shoe Laces knew exactly was he was talking about. This was a hit in the spring of 1959.

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