Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Eternals

The EternalsThe first version of Come Go With Me that I ever heard was by a Winnipeg group called the Eternals. That was in the summer of 1967, when their version was in the local top 5 Canadian hits, which was tacked on to the weekly to 40 published by CKRC.

This is not those Eternals.

This group was an R&B vocal group, and they had only had one top 100 single, which didn’t make it any higher than 78. I don’t know how they did on the R&B charts. I got both these songs off of an Italian collection of some kind. It was a series and most volumes featured more than one artist – hence only 2 tracks by The Eternals, the longevity of whose rep has proved, alas, less than eternal.

The Eternals:

Babalu’s Wedding Day – Doo-wop meets cacophony. I know that this song is from 1959 because it has an entry in The Heart Of Rock And Soul, where the storyline is given, and it’s totally surreal. I’ll only tell you that the bride’s name is Hoskie Bopalena, and that the groom misses the ceremony because a monkey steals his money so he can’t call for a ride. It’s all a bit, you know, weird.
Rockin’ In The Jungle – Another attempt to associate R & B with primitive society. In this case they kind of pull it off, just because these guys are so out there. From the summer of 1959.

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