Friday, June 25, 2010

The Falcons

The FalconsThere were all these bird groups: The Ravens, The Robins, The Cardinals, The Penguins, The Orioles. Later we had The Byrds, The Yardbirds, The Eagles, The Blackbyrds, but that was a different universe.

Eddie Floyd and Wilson Picket both sang in this group at various times.

The Falcons had 2 hits, one in ’59 and one in ’62, and I have both, and I know that I got the later one from a collection of pre-Atlantic recordings by Wilson Pickett. I can’t remember where I got the other.

The Falcons:

You’re So Fine – Here is doo-wop transitioning to R & B. The lyrics are not much more than an excuse to sing something, but then we hear what may be the greatest compliment in pop music: “You’re my first cup of coffee.” From the summer of 1959.
I Found A Love – One of those heartfelt ballads that presaged songs like When A Man Loves A Woman. Wilson Pickett sings lead on this, and he redid it solo later. From the spring of 1962.

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