Sunday, September 26, 2010

Miss Toni Fisher

Miss Toni Fisher
There are plenty of artists who drop their surnames: Dion, Donovan, Luba, Madonna, Melanie. There aren’t so many who not only use their full names, but add a term of address to it. There was Mrs. Miller (her first name was Elva, but she didn’t use it in her billing). There was Mr. Aker Bilk. And there was Miss Toni Fisher.

Miss Toni had 3 records on the top 100; besides the ones that I have, she had How Deep Is The Ocean in the spring of 1960.

By the way, she was married...

Miss Toni Fisher:

The Big Hurt – The big hurt was very big indeed, if the sound of this record is any indication. And Toni’s voice was big to match. In the end, though, it’s just another heartbreak song. A hit as the 50s gave way to the 60s.
West Of The Wall – Quick, how many songs can you think of that were inspired by the cold war (U2 doesn’t count.)? How many were hits? And how many were unrepentant pop hits? From the summer of 1962, 14 years after the Berlin airlift.

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