Sunday, June 10, 2012

Roy Drusky

The internet has made the world better for everyone, me included.

I am thinking of all those oldies stations. The ones in your home town play “only the best oldies;” on the web you can find stations that play the second best, even the third best. This is true not just about pop music; country music has its fair share of proponents.

So I listen to Nashville Classics, Roots of Country, Classic Country etc. And I have yet to hear Roy Drusky.

This guy had a bucketful of hits on the country charts, one almost-hit on the pop charts. He obviously had fans, there are obviously people out there who remember him (ok I admit it, I don’t). But like so many others, he has fallen through the cracks of collective memory.

Maybe I’ll start my own station…

Roy Drusky:

White Lightning Express – Pure honky tonk. George Jones (care of composer The Big Bopper) was drinking the stuff; Roy was running it across the state line.
Pick Of The Week – About the transience of romance.
(From Now On All Of My Friends Are Gonna Be) Strangers – Done more famously by Merle Haggard.
All For The Love Of A Girl – This tale of romantic sacrifice bears more than a passing resemblance to Peace In The Valley.
Lonely Thing Called Me - :-(
Yesterday – Not The Beatles song. But same idea, more or less…
So Much Got Lost
Room Across The Hall
Three Hearts In A Tangle – This tale of infidelity was Drusky’s only stab at the pop charts, during the summer of 1961.

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