Monday, August 13, 2012

Eddie Hodges

I found the 45 in a pile in a box at Comic World and I brought it up to the front counter. It had no price on it. There’s no price on this, I said. I’ll give you a buck. Hey Doug! Yelled the clerk. I got a 45 no price! He looked at it. Read out the title as if it were some kind of poison: “Girls, Girls, Girls (Made To Love)”. After some “how much does he want to pay” discussion, he took my dollar, and away I went, one 45 richer.

Eddie Hodges:

I’m Gonna Knock On Your Door – At 14, Eddie Hodges barely even qualified as a teen idol. Here he is though, determined as ever, surrounded by some of the greatest, if rather unsophisticated, sound effects, ever. This is hard to resist. From the summer of 1961. 
Girls, Girls, Girls (Made To Love) – As bad as the former is good, this atrocious sexist objectification was a hit in the summer of 1962.

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