Monday, December 22, 2008

The Moonglows

I have three of The Moonglows’ top 100 singles. I’m missing See Saw, which may be the Don Covay song recorded by Aretha Franklin, but I doubt it. Their lead singer was Harvey Fuqua, who became a big shot at Motown in the 60s, and so some of their recordings were labelled Harvey & The Moonglows.

The Moonglows:

· Sincerely – One of the 50s great R & B classics, it only reached number 20 on the Billboard charts, and that was in March ’55. The McGuire Sisters’ version spent 10 weeks at number 1, but if people remember the song, they remember The Moonglows.
· Ten Commandments Of Love – 1. Thou shall never love another, 2. Stand by me all the while, 3. Take happiness with the heartaches, 4. Go through life wearing a smile. 5. Thou shall always have faith in me in everything I say and do, 6. Love with all your heart and soul until our life on earth is through, 7. Come to me when I am lonely, 8. Kiss me when you hold me tight, 9. Treat me sweet and gentle, 10. *** (no number 10). A hit in the fall of ’58.
· Please Send Me Someone To Love – From the summer of ‘57

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