Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Teen Queens

Two sisters, hardly a group, but they were The Teen Queens. They only ever had one hit, and this collection is called, if you look at the front cover, The Teen Queens, with a The Birth Of Rock & Roll label in the upper left hand corner, and if you look at the side, Eddie My Love.

The Teen Queens

Eddie My Love – A song of longing. This was a hit simultaneously for The Fontane Sisters, The Chordettes, and The Teen Queens, and it was the Queens’ only hit. That was in the winter of 1956.
So All Alone – A song of longing. Sound quite a bit like Eddie My Love.
Rock Everybody – A rewrite of Rag Mop. Get up and dance.
Baby Mine – No relation to Oh Baby Mine by The Four Knights. A song about honesty in a relationship.
Let’s Kiss – A song about conflict and resolution, the refrain being “let’s kiss and make up.” . The tune is similar to Let The Good Times Roll by Shirley & Lee.
My Heart’s Desire – A song about, well, desire.
Billy Boy – A song about a conflicted relationship. Our cleaning lady had a son named Billy.
Just Goofed – A song about the imperfection of the human condition.
Teen Age Idol – Not the Ricky Nelson song. A song about love as a form of idealization.
Zig Zag – A song about unfaithfulness.
Riding – A song about being in a relationship that’s doomed to fail…
I Ain’t Gonna Tell – A song about a clandestine relationship.

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