Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Charles Mingus

Mingus I told you that I was an ignoramus when it came to jazz...
The Charles Mingus collection I found doesn't seem to exist anymore. It doesn't seem ever to have existed. I never wrote these things down. I figured it was all in my brain. But those parts of my brain have atrophied.
No matter. I have this collection by Mingus. The music is cool, good diversionary entertainment. It fills a place between Fabian and Hank Ballard. I have no idea how representative it is of his repertoire. I told you, I'm an ignoramus.

Charles Mingus:

Ysabel’s Table Dance
Fables Of Faubus
The Shoes Of The Fisherman’s Wife Are Some Jive Ass Slippers
Better Get It In Your Soul
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
New Now Know How
Gunslinging Bird

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