Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Harry Simeone Chorale

Harry Simeone Chorale I got this off of the original album, the one that came out in 1958, which I found in all its glory at Pyramid Records.

He / they only ever had one hit.

The Harry Simeone Chorale:

The Little Drummer Boy – I’m not familiar with the theology of all this, not being any kind of Christian or anything. I don’t know what drums have to do with Christmas. But as an outsider I have to say this: this song was a coup. This guy Harry Simeone, whoever he was, managed to write, or at least introduce the world to, depending on who you believe, a song that, not only became a Christmas staple, but, unlike, say, White Christmas by Irving Berlin, did so in a way that retains all the solemnity of a real hymn. It sounds like it was written in the middle ages. The original, though, appeared during the Christmas season of 1958, charted several more times, and has been covered by don’t even try to count how many recording artists.

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