Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Fiestas

The FiestasAnother odd name for a group. They could have called themselves the Siestas and done an album of lullabies, or very boring songs. The Fiestas, that’s like the Celebrations or The Parties or The Happy Times.

I got their one and only hit from Echoes Of A Rock Era, which I’ve mentioned before, and will undoubtedly mention again. It was a kind of prototype for me, that collection, of a various-artist compilation featuring groups who didn’t necessarily merit a collection on their own. It was in my mind one day when I walked into Kelly’s and tried to describe such an item, and she directed me to The Searchers File Series, she being the clerk, and she had no idea what I wanted from her. Why would she? She was working in a music store and I was talking about music. She did not, however, ask if I wanted to work there, as did a clerk at HMV when I informed her that Little Anthony & The Imperials had done the original Tears On My Pillow, a recording of which was playing just them by Kylie Minogue.

The Fiestas:

So Fine РEvery romantic clich̩ tied together with rhythm, harmony and exuberance. From the summer of 1959. There is a cover by The Fourmost. They use a choppy rhythm.

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