Saturday, July 31, 2010

Arthur Lymon Group

Arthur Lyman This is Arthur Lyman’s Greatest Hits, which has all 3 of his top 100 singles. Along with Les Baxter and Martin Denny, Lyman was a purveyor of exitoca. His music has a decidedly dreamy quality…

Arthur Lyman Group

Taboo – His first hit, from the summer
Love For Sale – From the winter of 1963.
Jungle Drums
Black Orchid – I have this also by Martin Denny. Not the Stevie Wonder song.
Afro Blue
Bwana A
Yellow Bird – His big hit, from the summer of 1961. This sad tale of lost romance is best known by The Mills Brothers.
Cotton Fields – By Leadbelly. The Highwaymen put it on the charts, and so did The Beach Boys. The most idiosyncratic version may be by CCR.
Blue Hawaii – So many versions of this, even Elvis
Midnight Swim
Hawaii Tattoo – If this isn’t Hawaii’s national anthem, it ought to be.
Pele – A song about a volcano.

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