Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Johnny Preston

Johnny Preston Johnny Preston was another artist honoured to be there at the cusp of the new decade. Altogether he had 5 records on the Hot 100, ending in 1961.

Johnny Preston:

Running Bear – A Romeo And Juliet tale written by The Big Bopper (J.P. Richardson). They both die in the end, just so you know. The song reached number 1 in January, 1960. Sonny James put it back on the country charts, and The Guess Who did a rather idiosyncratic recording in the early 70s. I don’t think anyone would get away with this now.
Cradle Of Love – The idea of using nursery rhymes as the basis of pop songs isn’t all that great. This uses Rockabye Baby, which I guess is more of a lullaby than a nursery rhyme, but it doesn’t set the world on fire. From the spring of 1960.

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