Saturday, October 2, 2010

Larry Hall

The 60s. There’s so much been said and written and discussed about the 60s, the magical 60s. And we forget that it’s just arbitrary numbers on the calendar.

But let’s forget that arbitrariness and just go with it. Looking at the songs and the artists that were on the charts during the first weeks of the new decade gives us some kind of sense of something important beginning; we try to discern some meaning in it all. If we are honest, then we fail, because not only are year numbers arbitrary, so are song choices that go with them. But needn’t be honest; we can have fun.

I’m not having that fun today; I’m simply alluding to the fact that Larry Hall was one of those lucky few who had a hit on the charts and the decades changed over. It was his only hit.

Larry Hall:

Sandy – Not the Ronnie & The Daytonas song, not the Dion song, not the Bruce Springteen song (a hit for The Hollies), just another love song with a country flavour. From late 59 / early 60.

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