Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kid Ory & The Creole Jazz Band

Kid OryI don’t think Dixieland ever made the Hot 100. I could be wrong, and if I am, then let me know. But either way, it wasn’t something you were likely to hear on top 40 radio.

Occasionally you’d hear something like jazz: The Girl From Ipanema by Stan Getz, Cast Your Fate To The Wind by Vince Guaraldi, Take Five by Dave Brubeck, hits all. But Dixieland? Find me some.

So all the Dixieland that shows up here does so as sound bites, bits of music that break up the top 40 routine. I try to make them chronologically accurate, but then I would, wouldn’t I.

My one and only track by Kid Ory is from Best Of Dixieland on the Compact Jazz series.

Kid Ory & The Creole Jazz Band

Loveless Love - Dixieland

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