Sunday, November 7, 2010

Leigh Bell & The Chimes

It’s a mystery where I got this. Here I was thinking it was on one of the four volumes of Made In Canada, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Either way this group was from Toronto, and Leigh Bell was really Helen Baird. I learned that from The CHUM Chart book. It even says which high school she graduated from.

Leigh Bell & The Chimes:

Terry – Terry is a boy, perhaps his name is Terence. It only makes sense as Leigh was a girl. The Terrys I’ve known in my life were pretty much all girls. This was a Canadian hit, though I don’t know how far its popularity extended past Toronto, where it reached number 3 on the CHUM chart early in 1960. It seems to be based on what Mark Sten called the minor sixth turnaround chord pattern. He sites Angel Baby as an example, and this sounds very much like that.


Life Student said...

That's some... video. And I think we need to know "Where is she now."

Anonymous said...

Terry peaked at #5 on CFUN 1410 AM in Vancouver in January 1960

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