Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Pepperpots

I had no idea that the men-dressed-as-women on Monty Python (you know, Mrs Premise, Mrs. Conclusion etc) were collectively called The Pepperpots. That’s funny. But I only found out because I was googling “Pepperpots” to learn what I could about this super-obscure instrumental band whose single I found at some second-hand shop so many years ago. I found nothing about what I was looking for, though the single is offered for sale at a few auction-type sites.

Quoted from Wikipedia:

The term Pepperpots refers to any of the middle-aged, matronly types played by the men of Monty Python. A pepperpot is usually somewhat overweight and wears a rather unflattering ensemble often topped off by a small, old-fashioned hat. She holds a small purse in her gloved hands, and is very often seen out and about, apparently running errands while her husband is at work. She usually speaks in a high voice that sounds very much like that of a man imitating a woman. The Pepperpots are given different names in various sketches: Mrs. Premise, Mrs. Conclusion, Mrs. Nesbitt, Mrs. Smoker, Mrs. Non-Smoker, Mrs. Thing, Mrs. Entity, etc.

The Pepperpots:

Ruby Dooby Du – An instrumental. Joannie Sommers did a vocal version of a song with this title; I don’t know if it’s the same one, though on YouTube it’s spelled “Ruby Duby Doo.” YouTube denizens are not known for spelling accuracy, so that means nothing. The song that Joannie did is apparently from the movie Key Witness. That tells me nothing.
Leatherjacket Cowboy – The B side, and another instrumental.

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