Monday, April 27, 2009

Andy Wilson & The Cosmos

A Google search for '“Andy Wilson” Cosmos' turns up one useful hit, an article on Bobby Dean Blackburn, who is (was?) a Toronto R & B artist. The article refers to the year 1956, and states:

Others - like the Consuls, Andy Wilson and the Cosmos, the Blue Tones - leaned to a greater extent on the R&B side of rock and roll.

That’s it. I found this single somewhere, probably at Pyramid Records, and picked it up, never having heard of the them, but it looked authentic enough. I now know that they were from Toronto. That’s something.

Andy Wilson & The Cosmos:

My Love My Love – Sounds like Little Richard with a gravely voice.


Russ said...

I used to play sax with Andy Wilson and the Cosmos in 1956 in Toronto.

Russ said...

Bobby Dean Blackburn still performs all the time. He sings and plays keyboards.

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