Monday, April 20, 2009

Joe Turner

I had a collection by Joe Turner once; it was a “roots of rock and roll” affair and it covered his Savoy recordings, which were jump blues, and not rock and roll, or even R & B, at all. He got into the rock and roll thing when he switched to Atlantic, and all these tracks are from the Atlantic Rhythm And Blues 1947 – 1974 series.

Joe Turner:

Shake Rattle And Roll – A founding document of rock and roll. Get out of that bed! Sings Joe. Wash your face and hands! Rendered pale by Bill Haley: Get out in that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans. That loping rhythm doesn’t hurt any either. “Baby you make me grit my teeth!"
The Chicken And The Hawk – We gonna fly all day sings Joe, in a tribute to whatever it is birds do…
Corrine Corrina – From the spring of 1956, just missed the top 40. I’m not sure why the name is different each time. Maybe it’s her full name. A hit later for Ray Peterson, and Bob Dylan put it on his second album. Bill Haley covered it with his comets, also.
Midnight Special Train – The R & B version. A hit in 1960 for Paul Evans, popular among folk and R&B artists.

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