Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dizzy Gillespie Big Band

Some recordings Dizzy Gillespie made in the 50s. It’s from Compact Jazz.

Dizzy Gillespie Big Band:

· Cool Breeze
· Tangerine – Not the Led Zeppelin song.
· I Can’t Get Started
· Stablemates
· That’s All
· I Remember Clifford – I knew a guy named Clifford once. He was in my French class. I am told by a mutual acquaintance that he has seen me since, and that he was disappointed that I ignored him. I did not ignore him, honest. I just never saw him.
· Annie’s Dance – Annie is my friend. “Annie” is an Anglicization of her real name, which is not “Anitra,” which is the real name of the Annie in this song, which is really an arrangement of Anitra’s Dance from Grieg’s Peer Gynt
· Hey Pete – I don’t know who Pete is
· Whisper Not – No worries.
· Groovin’ High – A remake of what is probably his signature tune.

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