Friday, June 5, 2009

Shirley & Lee

Male / female duos were always a kind of a curiosity in rock and roll, never quite in the mainstream: Mickey & Sylvia, Paul & Paula, Nino Tempo & April Stevens, Donny & Marie. The exception, of course, was Sonny & Cher.

These two had 5 top 100 singles, one of which was a minor rock & roll anthem. Leonard was Leonard Lee, and Shirley was Shirley Goodman, who was the Shirley of Shirley & Company (Shame, Shame, Shame).

Shirley & Lee:

Let The Good Times Roll – A great party song, but it’s really about a very private party. I got this from the Stand By Me soundtrack. I have versions by The Righteous Brothers, by Slade, and most impressively, by Harry Nilsson. A hit in the fall of 1956.
Feel So Good – The result, undoubtedly of Letting the good times roll. And that is, it seems, where the lyrics come from, though there is a suggestion that is actually the earlier record.

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