Monday, November 23, 2009

Art & Dotty Todd

Art & Dotty Todd The original Sonny & Cher? Well, they were married, and to each other to boot. They only ever had one hit, and I got it straight from the single.

Art & Dotty Todd:

Chanson D’Amour (Song Of Love) – An old-fashioned Andrews Sisters type ballad. Not much in the way of lyrics, just hey, this is a love song. Also done by The Fontane Sisters, and covered much later by The Manhattan Transfer, which is the first version of this that I ever heard, though it didn’t seem to have been much of a hit. From the spring of 1958.


Anonymous said...

It was a big hit - you're just too young to remember. It's nothing like The Andrews Sisters; it's a very French harmonization - Andrews Sisters would have gone into epileptic spasms if they'd tried it.

VSL Poltroon said...

it was the Manhattan Transfer version that wasn't much of a hit. I need to go back to Creative Writing class.

I love your characterization of the Andrews Sisters. Leave more comments...


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