Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lou Monte

Lou Monte was a comedian. That’s what he was, a comedian. And comedians make records. Most comedians made LPs with jokes and routines on them. Bill Cosby did that. Bob Newhart did that. Ross Bagdasarian did that.

Some comedians occasionally put out a single, and it would find itself on top 40 radio. Allan Sherman had Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah. Bill Cosby had Little Old Man, though it was just a straight record, and Bill Dana, as Jose Jiminez, did The Astronaut.

Lou Monte had 4 records on the top 100, 2 on the top 40. I have those two. They are silly, but I would expect nothing less. 2 of his records were from 1958, and 2 were from 1963.

Lou Monte:

Lazy Mary – From the spring of 1958.This has the air of one of those songs done by a comedian as part of his act. He switches back and forth between English and Italian in a way that makes him sound like he’s hiding all the good parts. Apparently Lou sings the part of the mother. Pay attention to me, he says, marry a fireman. Why? He’ll come and go, go and come. No shame here, and this was 1958.
Pepino The Italian Mouse – Another novelty song. A song about a troublesome mouse, perhaps the only one that ever reached the top 40. (Ben doesn’t count; it’s about a rat). Again he switches between the 2 languages, but the mouse speaks only Italian. From the winter of 1963. 7Ipjw4

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