Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Monotones

Odd that a group would call itself The Monotones, and a harmony group to boot. They were not, though, monotone. Of course they weren’t. They had one hit, and that makes them a one hit wonder, and I found that one hit, like so many others, on Echoes Of A Rock Era. Who knows where my life would be if I hadn’t found those 2 obscure volumes.

The Monotones:

The Book Of Love – It’s the ultimate expression of Platonic philosophy in pop music, and in a 50s doo wop track no less, that’s there is a “Book of Love” to which all our relationships adhere. We hear of 4 chapters: Chapter 1: You love her, Chapter 2: You’re never gonna part, Chapter 3: Remember the meaning of romance, Chapter 4: Break up, but give her one more chance. Slightly paraphrased that,. From the spring of 1958.

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