Thursday, May 26, 2011

Buzz Clifford

Apparently this guy bounced around, recording, songwriting, playing live. But for all the effort he put into his career, all he has in Whitburn’s book is a single single. I undoubtedly picked it up on one of those “Kooky Favourites” collections.

Buzz Clifford:

Baby Sittin’ Boogie – We all know that rock and roll appealed to a (human) teenage demographic, so it was only to be expected that there would be those who would venture outside its strict confines to include erstwhile outsiders. An so we had Bill Haley & His Comets bringing in the dogs (Two Hound Dogs), Jan & Dean singing about rocking seniors (Little Old Lady From Pasadena) and Kay Starr’s pitying her parent’s sad attempts to be hip (Rock And Roll Waltz). And here is Buzz Clifford singing about a rockin’ tot. It’s what they call a novelty number, and it’s not too funny. It’s meant to be cute I supposed, but it’s not that either. It appealed to enough people, though, to earn a placement of number 14 on Billboard. From the winter of 1961. It was his only hit.

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