Sunday, May 15, 2011


Her name was Edith Zuser and she was Austrian. She was also known as Ditta (from Edith, one assumes) Zusa Einzinger. But Joel Whitburn indicates that her real name was Lolita Ditta. I don’t know where “Lolita” came from, but I hope it wasn’t from Nabokov.

In North America she had one big hit and one small hit, the latter being Cowboy Jimmy Joe, which reached number 94 on Billboard in 1961.
I remember finding this at Sound Exchange in a box full of dusty singles, all by artists whose name started with “L.”


Sailor – A lament to a guy who just won’t stay around. “Sailor” is the English title of a song originally called "Seemann (Deine Heimat ist das Meer)” – ("Sailor, You’re Home Is The Sea”) – and which she sings in German. There is a surprisingly unaccented English interlude. Petula Clark had an English language hit version in the UK. From late 1960.

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