Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Big Bopper

He wasn’t that huge, or he would have been The Huge Bopper. Had he been small he’d have been The Small Bopper, or The Little Bopper. Maybe he wouldn’t have bopped, and he’d have been The Small Non-bopper. What’s the opposite of a bopper, anyway.

He’d never have been as famous as got if he hadn’t have died with Buddy Holly. He’d undoubtedly have found his way through the entertainment world like so many others like him who made novelty records.

The Big Bopper:

Chantilly Lace – The greatest phone call on record(s). This 50s standard was a hit in the fall of 1958. It was a hit again in the early 70s for Jerry Lee Lewis, and Sha Na Na did an unforgettable version on their first LP in 1969.
Little Red Riding Hood – Not the Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs song, but what may be the most lascivious fairy tale ever. From the winter of 58 / 59.
Big Bopper’s Wedding – Our hero prevaricates at the alter, can’t keep his eyes off the bridesmaids or his prospective father-in-law’s “ugly face” and shotgun. In the end he bails and we can’t help but applaud. The funniest wedding song ever. From the winter 58 / 59 and the B side of Chantilly lace.

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