Monday, January 4, 2010

Bobby Day

Bobby Day? Ok. His name was really Bobby Byrd, and he did Rockin’ Robin. How funny is that. He had 6 top 100 singles, all in the late 50s, including a version of Little Bitty Pretty One, which he apparently wrote, but which was a real hit for Thurston Harris.

Bobby Day:

Rockin Robin – Ok, we know about the birds and the bees. So let’s hear more about the birds. If there has ever been a more salacious song about song birds, I’ve surely never heard it. A hit in the fall of 1958, and redone by Michael Jackson, whose version I hated, back then, when I was about 14, in 1972. Both versions reached number 2 on Billboard.
Over And Over – A song about a failed pickup. This was the B side of Rockin’ Robin, and was also a hit in the fall of 1958. It was redone by Dave Clark Five, whose version I dug, in 1965, and which version reached number 1. The original just missed the top 40.

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