Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Quin-Tones

My entire Quin-Tones collection consists of a single track, which anyway was their only hit, and so it is their greatest hits. So.

Where it comes from is a triple album, kind of a K-Tel type album, featuring dozens of doo-wop songs (I wouldn’t say hits exactly) by dozens of groups, mostly obscure. The LP, all 6 sides, was scratched up beyond redemption, and so it wasn’t all that much use to me; I just salvaged this track, and maybe one or two others, although if so I don’t remember. The LP itself came from Comic World, I’m fairly certain.

The Quin-Tones:

Down The Aisle Of Love – To some that would be in supermarket. Still though, how many marriage songs are there, and how many of them are about walking down the aisle. Ok, there’s The Five Satins, The Bluebelles, this one, any others? A teenage dream hit from the fall of 1958.

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