Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bobby Hendricks

It wasn’t his fault that his surname, at least by pronunciation, would be usurped by a psychedelic guitarist from Seattle. Then there is James Hendricks, not to be confused with Jimi, who wrote Summer Rain, the hit by Johnny Rivers.

This Hendricks sang lead on The Drifters’ Drip Drop, and he put only 2 songs on the top 100, both in 1958 – the one I have, and a novelty song called Psycho, which is just a bit dumb.

Bobby Hendricks:

Itchy Twitchy Feeling – Another song about rock and roll and dancing, with a nod to American Bandstand, another nod to Elvis (Hound Dog) and a few more nods here and there. From the fall of 1958.

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