Saturday, February 27, 2010

Billy Grammer

Billy Grammer had a handful of hits on the country charts over a 10 year period; he had 2 records, 3 songs, on the pop charts, all in 1959. He got all manner of honours, country music hall of fame, Grand Ole Opry and the like, but who’s heard of him?

Reading Wikipedia tells me that he was a supporter of George Wallace. I’ll have to stop reading Wikipedia. There are some things it may be better not to know.

I have his one big song; I found the single somewhere or other, I’m guessing Sound Exchange.

Billy Grammer:

Gotta Travel On – The second track on the third side of Bob Dylan’s Self Portrait is Gotta Travel On, a song about rambling and moving from place to place written by Paul Clayton. It’s a perfect fit for the album, and Dylan does a wonderful version. The original was a hit for Billy Grammer, and it’s more countrypolitan than Dylan’s remake 10 years later. From the winter of 1959.

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