Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ernest Tubb

This is Ernest Tubb’s Greatest Hits. He had a few pop hits during the 40s and early 50s; his country hits started in 1944 and lasted until 1983.

This album was released in 1968 and features a good cross section of his stuff. I’m sure I picked it up at Pyramid Records.

Ernest Tubb:

Walking The Floor Over You – Country as it was meant to be. A classic, and the first use of electric guitar in country music. Jerry Lee Lewis covered it to great effect. From 1941. This song, for some reason, seems to have made the top 30 on the pop charts, and not to have made the country chart at all. That is downright bizarre.
Rainbow At Midnight –Slow waltz time. I keep waiting for the punch line, but it’s just a straightforward love song. It was number 1 country in 1946.
Let’s Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello (In A Friendly Kind Of Way) – Very matter of fact for a break up song, but I guess that’s the point. This is from 1948.
Another Story – aka Another Time Another Place. Great country, the song that put Jerry Lee Lewis back in the game as a country artist in 1968. Tubb’s version is from 1966, not so far ahead.
Thanks A Lot – Covered by Brenda Lee. From 1963.
Half A Mind – That place where you’re in between staying and leaving. Nobody’s every said it better. From 1958.
I’ll Get Along Somehow – I’m sure he will
Waltz Across Texas – Texas is big. Mike Nesmith is from Texas. I work with someone from Texas, though not closely. From 1965.
It’s Been So Long Darling – And where have you been?? The original version of this was a number 1 hit in 1946. He probably re-recorded it for this album.
Mr. Juke Box – Typical barroom country fair, but not bad for all that. From 1963.
• I Wonder Why You Said Goodbye – He reads her letter, and can’t figure out what’s going on.

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