Sunday, February 28, 2010

Paul Anka, George Hamilton IV, & Johnny Nash

The world’s first supergroup. I guess you could say that the concept had to develop some. What’s interesting is that both Anka and Hamilton were well on their way to reasonably successful careers; Nash, though he had one top 40 hit early in 1958, really wouldn’t catch on for another 10 years.

Kudos to those responsible for making this an inter-racial project, which was not to be taken for granted in 1958.

Paul Anka, George Hamilton IV, & Johnny Nash:

The Teen Commandments – Just when rock and roll threatened to corrupt the youth of the world, someone came up with this brilliant idea: put “be good” into a pop record, and everything would be ok. Not to be confused with The Ten Commandments Of Love, this was an exercise in pinhead moralism. “At the first moment,” emphasizes our friend Mr “I don’t like to sleep alone and you’re having my baby” Anka, turn away from unclean thinking. And then there’s obedience. To anyone? About anything? This was a hit in the fall of 1958.

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