Monday, February 8, 2010

Earl Grant

Earl Grant shows up on page 180 of The Rock Almanac, his song listed as The End, and when I saw that, the only song I knew called The End was by The Beatles, but I knew that this couldn’t be it, and I was right. That was his only top 40 hit – it’s actually called (At) The End (Of A Rainbow), though all the books I have list it just as The End. In the end (haha) he had 6 songs reach the top 100, five on this collection, which is pretty old. It’s called Earl Grant’s Greatest Hits.

Earl Grant played the organ, he played a few other instruments, piano one would guess, and he sang, though not all that impressively.

Earl Grant:

Swinging’ Gently – An apt title for this shopping centre organ instrumental. From the summer of 1962.
Beyond The Reef – Meant to invoke, undoubtedly, sunset on a Hawaiian beach. More vibrato laden organ.
Stand By Be – An MOR version of Ben E King’s hit. From the winter of 1965 / 1966, rather late for this sort of thing. Also John Lennon’s last hit before his extended leave.
More (Theme From “Mondo Cane”) – This may be the perfect elevator cover of this.
Sweet Sixteen Bars – An odd instrumental hit from the fall of 1962.
House Of Bamboo – We are treated here to Mr. Grant’s rather unremarkable singing voice, put to the service of this song about a gambling joint. From the spring of 1960.
I Can’t Stop Loving You – Don Gibson’s song, the Ray Charles hit. He sings this one, and he’s no Ray Charles.
Ebb Tide – A subdued version, with many bird sounds.
Ol’ Man River – A swinging version…
Yellow Bird – Best known by The Mills Brothers…
Drown In My Tears – Another Ray Charles song, done well by Joe Cocker and Blood, Sweat & Tears. Oh, and by Ray Charles.
(At) The End (Of A Rainbow) – This was his one and only real hit, long forgotten by oldies stations and those who’s job it is to remember songs such as this. His voice works well on this one.

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