Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Five Blobs

Now this is what we record-crazy people live for. Funny thing is that I don’t even remember where I found this single, probably at the Sound Exchange. They overpriced their stuff, but even so, I didn’t pay $170 for this, which is what the only copy available on Amazon is listed for at this moment.

The Five Blobs were never a real band or anything; they were one guy, named Bernie Nee, and presumably a studio band. And it’s finds like this that make those hours and hours spent digging through dusty cardboard boxes full of old Andre Kostelantz singles all worth while.

The Five Blobs:

The Blob – Self-evidently silly. This song was the theme of a movie with Steve McQueen, presumably a silly one. Written by a young Burt Bacharach with Mack David, brother of Hal with whom he would write all those Dionne Warwick songs. Altogether a transcendent moment in pop music history. From the fall of 1958.

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