Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Graduates

The Graduates This is apparently genuine. I say it like that because there are no references to The Graduates on Billboard, and very little information is available. A google search of ‘Graduates “What Good Is Graduation” turns up 6 pages of results.

But at least those 6 pages assure me that the single I found one day back when was the real thing. There was no Google back then or course, so I had to go with my gut. My how the world has changed…

The Graduates:

What Good Is Graduation – The Four Freshman celebrated their grad (Graduation Day) and The Cardigans saw only the sad side (Your Graduation Means Goodbye). This is the same idea as The Cardigans, but for The Graduates, all meaning is eradicated. This record did make the pop charts at all, but it seems to have been from 1959.

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