Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Robin Luke

I didn’t always have all this stuff. I didn’t always know all this stuff. I didn’t always know about all this stuff.

I picked up the info here and there. Whitburn is a big part of the picture.

But then let’s talk about radio. Besides the weekly top 40 playlists that I grew up with, there would occasionally be a radio station or radio program that played stuff that opened my ears to “new” stuff. Saturday nights, c. 1981, I’d listen to some history of rock type program on Q 94. That was the first time, for example, that I heard Robin Luke. In fact, I didn’t get what the dj said, Robin Wouk? Herman Wouk?

Luke only ever had one hit, and I picked it up finally from an oldies collection, the bulk of whose tracks were not authentic, but this one was authentic enough.

Robin Luke:

Susie Darlin’ – A song about insomnia. All his trauma, not only does it happen at night, but it lasts all night. Plus this is another Susan song. We haven’t had too many yet, but there are thousands. The style here is somewhere between Buddy Holly and Jimmie Rodgers. From the fall of 1958, his only hit.

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