Monday, December 7, 2009

Jimmy Clanton

I was a stamp collector for one year. That’s when I was 12 years old. I got a stamp album, and I went to stores like Peg Stamp And Coin, and I bought big envelopes full of stamps at book stores. And I got approvals. That’s when some company sends you sets every month in the mail. And you keep the ones you want and send the money, and return the one you don’t want.

Well years and years later I got the same deal with CDs. I don’t remember where it came from, but the offer was try out each month’s selection. Keep it and pay, or return it and pay nothing. Sounds good. So I got the first one and I listened to it and it sounded terrible. It was a rock and roll revival CD, and the selections were good, but the sound quality was horrible. But before I sent it back I retrieved Don’t You Know It by Huey Smith & The Clowns and Just A Dream by Jimmy Clanton.

And I sent it back, and they never sent me another CD.

I can’t remember where the others came from, but I know that Go Jimmy Go came from the 45.

Clanton had 11 records in the top 100 between 1958 and 1963, then a freak record in 1969 called Curly.

Jimmy Clanton:

Just A Dream – Everything’s gone up in smoke, was never very likely to start with. “Please leave me alone” cries Jimmy in desperation. Jimmy’s debut hit, from the summer of 1958.
Go Jimmy Go – Talking, dancing, kissing, Jimmy is up for the challenge. And he is setting himself up for a standard that he will not be able to maintain. From the winter of 1960.
Another Sleepless Night – Heartbreak manifested as insomnia. From the summer of 1960.
Venus In Blue Jeans – There is something different about this one. Harp, for one thing. Strings and horns for another, an angelic chorus for yet another. If there was ever a better song about adoring a typical teenage girl I’ve never heard it. Masterpiece. From the autumn of 1962.

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