Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jan & Arnie

Let me explain. The first Jan & Dean album I picked up was called The Very Best Of Jan & Dean. The first track was Jennie Lee.

Now Jennie Lee, it was a hit for Jan & Arnie. Jan, that was Jan Berry. And Arnie, he was Arnie Ginsburg, who was a DJ among other things. But Arnie dropped out, and Dean took over. That was Dean Torrance. And so they tacked the one and only Jan & Arnie hit to the Jan & Dean collection, makes a certain amount of sense, and so I have my Jan & Arnie / Jan & Dean collection right about here.

But, again thanks to YouTube, I now realize that the version of Jennie Lee that I have is actually a remake that Jan & Dean did early on. So no, Virgina, I don’t have anything at all by Jan & Arnie, so the collection will have to wait…

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