Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Five Keys

That time that I picked up The Harptones at Woolco I picked up The Five Keys. Another Harlem Hit Parade release, officially titled The Connoisseur Collection Of The Five Keys, and I’ve only ever seen these two, although I imagine that there were others.

Ten tracks here, including all four of their top 100 singles.

"The Glory Of Love" is from The Doo Wop Box, which I downloaded. It was recorded for Alladin, the rest were on Capital, which is odd, because the major labels did not sign R & B acts in those days.

The Five Keys:

Glory Of Love – an early release
Ling Ting Tong – a hit in January, 1955. This is a very silly song, and it was covered by Buddy Knox (Party Doll). “I went to Chinatown, to get some egg foo yung…”
Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind – this ballad went to number 23 in the autumn of 1956 and was their highest placing single.
Close Your Eyes – Not the Edward Bear song, this is another romantic ballad / slow dance, and it was Peaches & Herb who put it on the charts in the 60s.
From The Bottom Of My Heart – not the Buffy Ste. Marie song. They are a bit more uptempo here.
The Verdict – Not too many songs use legal metaphors to convey romantic yearnings…
Wisdom Of A Fool – From early 1957
Let There Be You – Let there be love, and there was love, etc… Their last hit, and it is from the spring of 1957
With All My Love
The Blues Don’t Care
Just For A Thrill – I think Ray Charles did this…

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