Tuesday, November 4, 2008

[Otis Williams &] the Charms

Another two singles that I picked up at Argy’s, I’d assumed that both these records were by the same group with a slightly different name in each case. I’m not sure now; the second record may actually be a different group. Williams is on both, and he is not Otis Williams who was a member of the Temptations.

The Charms:

  • Hearts Of Stone – the first time I heard this it was by The Blue Ridge Rangers, who were actually John Fogerty, and it was their / his follow-up to Jambalaya, but it only ever got played on the radio once or twice. But once I heard that “no no no no no no no no” there was no way I was gonna forget it. so when I picked this up, I knew right away it was that song I’d heard by BBR. Fogerty is good, but he can’t match the original. The Fontane Sisters put it at number 1 (The Charms’ version reached #15) but their version is typically bleached.

Otis Williams And The Charms:

  • Ivory Tower - This was a year or two later. It was covered by Gale Storm.

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