Thursday, August 20, 2009

Alfred Apaka

The astute reader will notice that I sneak in non-chart artists at random intervals. There is no magic to this. It’s how my collection is arranged.

I try to put them where they seem to make sense. Sometimes I have to guess. Sometimes I have to pick a spot at random.

But any type of popular music is game: rock (and roll), country, jazz, MOR, bluegrass, folk, blues. No classical, that belongs elsewhere, and no ethnic music.

Apaka, though, is a bit faux ethnic. But he was a pop singer too. This is The Best Of Alfred Apaka, and he sings about Hawaii, Hawaii, and more Hawaii.

Alfred Apaka:

• Song Of The Islands
• Lovely Hula Hands
• My Isle Of Golden Dreams
• The Hukilau Song
• Beyond The Reef
– There’s a version of this by The Ventures.
• The Moon Of Manakoora
– There’s a version of this by The Ventures.
• Little Brown Gal
• Hapa-Haole Lula Girl
• Ebb Tide
– A hit for so many. The Righteous Brothers put this on the chart in 1965.
• You Are Beautiful
• Princess Poo-Poo-Ly Has Plenty Papaya
• Forevermore
• Old Plantation
• Legend Of The Rain
• The Song Of Love
• The Magic Islands
• Hawaiian Love Call
• Far Across The Sea

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